bcl BCL / Georg Tremmel (AT/JP), Shiho Fukuhara (JP): BCL is an Artistic Research Framework founded by Georg Tremmel (AT) and Shiho Fukuhara (JP) in 2005 to explore the relations, congruences and différances of biological and cultural codecs through artistic interventions and social research. Shiho received a BA(Hons) in Fine Art from Central St Martins College of Art and Design in London and continued her studies with an MA in Interaction Design at the Royal College of Art. Georg studied Visual Media Art (Visuelle Mediengestaltung) at the University for Applied Art in Vienna with Peter Weibel and Karel Dudesek and Interaction Design at the RCA.
biomason bioMASON Inc. (US): Founder and CEO Ginger Krieg Dosier started bioMASON, Inc. in 2012, inspired by a study of coral structure (a very hard cementitious material created by nature in ambient sea temperatures with low energy and material inputs) and driven by the belief that there is a better solution for reducing CO2 emissions generated by global masonry manufacturing. bioMASON has developed a technology using microorganisms to grow biocement based construction materials. The company’s proprietary manufacturing process and materials make it possible to manufacture on-site in ambient temperatures using locally available supplies, without using fuel to fire the material. The strength of biocement materials is comparable to traditional masonry and can be used as a green alternative.
boschung Daniel Boschung (DE) focuses as an artist on human-machine interaction and the transition from the analog to the digital age. In the project for which he is best known, “Face Cartography,” he explores how people react to portraits rendered by industrial robots. His life performance “The Past is faster than You” visualizes the pace and quantity of the flow of digital information. His interactive installation “Ways to Fortune” is an animated depiction of the personal, individual dialog between bank customers and their advisors. “Moving Universe” is an installation about globalization. Before starting his career as an artist, Daniel Boschung worked as a commercial photographer and photojournalist. His images have been published in Bilanz, Manager Magazine and Geo-Saison, among others. Many of his photographed advertising campaigns have been singled out for recognition with multiple awards, both domestic and international.
burtonnitta Burton Nitta (UK/JP): Based in London, Burton Nitta is an interdisciplinary art & design studio, run by Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta, collaborating with science and technology to investigate our future world and human evolution. Previous works such as After Agri, Algaculture, The Algae Opera, The Republic of Salivation and The Instruments of the Afterlife are published and exhibited internationally from MoMA, New York to the V&A Museum, London.
. Nicolas Deveaux (FR): An author and director of animation films (CGI and 3D), Nicolas Deveaux has a very personal universe around two passions: the image and the animal world. In 2003, just graduated from the Supinfocom School of Computer Graphics, he directed his first professional short film 7tonnes2, featuring a realistic elephant trampoline champion. The success of this (selected in various international festivals, including the famous Annecy festival in France) allowed him to carry out many projects ranging from documentaries (Sea Rex, Imax 3D, The Lazy Giant, documentary TV), advertising (Kinder, Okay Lotus, Lipton, SuperCroix etc.), through the theme-park films (City of the Sea in Biarritz, EANA in Normandy etc.). Already confirmed in a realist style, at the same time he developed graphic and poetic writing inspired by old graphic prints and lithographs, always with a view to showing the best of nature . . . from animals to plants.
dillion Teresa Dillon (IE), Naomi Griffin-Murtagh (IE), Claire Dempsey (IE), Aisling McCrudden (IE): Opimilk was developed by Naomi Griffin-Murtagh, Claire Dempsey & Aisling McCrudden under the supervision of Dr. Teresa Dillon and the Science Gallery team. Naomi Griffin-Murtagh graduated in 2013 from the National College of Art and Design, Ireland (NCAD), in industrial design. Claire Dempsey and Ailsing McCrudden are studying at Trinity College Dubln. Claire is in her fourth year reading Immunology and Aisling is studying Human Health and Disease. Over 12-weeks the team co-developed the prooject as part of the ITL course module. Opimilk provides a clear illustration of how synthetic biology could be applied to provide a smarter alternative for the treatment of chronic pain. The project explores how we can harness naturally occuring substances in the human body for wider health benefits and addresses our attitudes such treatments, while also highlighting issues around the ethical development of transgenic animals.
ervinck Nick Ervinck (BE) explores the boundaries between various media, fostering a cross-pollination between the digital and the physical. Studio Nick Ervinck applies tools and techniques from new media, in order to explore the aesthetic potential of sculpture, 3D prints, animation, installation, architecture and design. Ervinck’s work, in short, oscillates between the static and the dynamic, prospecting new virtual or utopian territories.
inapro The IGB–Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (DE) is Germany’s largest research facility specializing in domestic freshwater ecosystems. We compile basic scientific data and insights for the sustainable management and utilization of bodies of water in Germany, train young scientists, and advise government agencies, the private sector and the general public on matters of water management. In addition to divisions conducting research on specific disciplines within this scientific field, the IGB’s activities are focused on three transdisciplinary programs: Freshwater biodiversity, Freshwater boundaries, and Interactions between humans and freshwater ecosystems. The long-term monitoring program at Lakes Stechlin and Müggel and on the Spree River is unique in Germany and pivotal for research on the consequences of climate change.
ied Istituto Europeo di Design – IED (IT): Cesare Griffa (Master coordinator) with Mohamed Awaty, Victória Calil Barriatto, Anirudh Datta, Giulia Del Din, Samuel Fiolis, Riccardo Rigo (students). The Master in Smart Buildings and Sustainable Design at Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin is a one year studio based program. Sustainability is addressed in terms of Design strategies that optimize environmental, energy and social behaviors of the urban built environment. Smart buildings involve embedded interactive web technology in order to make architecture aware of its surrounding environment and capable of virtuous reactions. The Master is lead by Cesare Griffa, whose work uses the most advanced digital tools, and algal bio-tech to explore possible new applications in sustainable architecture and design. The 2016 students are: Mohamed Awaty (Libya), Victória Calil Barriatto (Brasil), Anirudh Datta (India), Giulia Del Din (Italy), Samuel Fiolis (Italy), Riccardo Rigo (Italy).
certainmeasures CERTAIN MEASURES (DE/US): Certain Measures is an office for design science. We bring objective clarity to space, building, and city design problems using data, geometry, mathematics, and new technologies. Drawing on deep training and expertise in both design and technology, we build software and hardware to bring novel projects to life, tapping open-source tools and embracing flexible collaboration with other designers and experts. We draw on diverse backgrounds in architecture, robotics, computer science, and mathematics to simplify beautiful complexity and to understand, enrich, and transform the human experience of space. Imagination X Evidence, Design X Science: CERTAIN MEASURES.
melchiorri Julian Melchiorri (UK/IT) is a British/Italian design engineer and innovator based in London. Internationally known for his visionary artificial leaf projects, he propose radical environmental solutions for the urban and industrial environment using novel photosynthetic devices he developed through intense laboratory experimentation. His works, located between design and science, explores new scenarios and opportunities through innovative experimentations of materials, mechanisms and interactions between people, products and our surrounding environment.
Agnes Meyer-Brandis Agnes Meyer-Brandis (DE) is at the experimental edge of art and science with her work in both sculpture and new media art. Exhibited worldwide, it is exploring the zone between fact and fiction.
morone Jennifer Lyn Morone (US) is a multimedia and multidisciplinary artist and pro-ethical designer. She holds a BFA in sculpture from SUNY Purchase and the Pratt Institute, New York and a MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art, London. In 2014, Morone incorporated her identity as a protest to growing state surveillance and the commodification of personal data by founding Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc. Her work has appeared in the Economist, Wired, WMMNA, the Guardian, BBC World News, and the Observer and has been exhibited internationally at the Reverse Gallery, EMAF, Carroll/Fletcher, HEK, Noorderlicht, ZKM, SMBA, and transmediale among others. She currently lives and works between the USA, UK and Germany.
munro Gavin Munro (UK) was born in 1975 in the United Kingdom. His love of nature began early, but developed while he spent long periods immobile following corrective surgery on his spine. Gavin’s art instincts were always strong, but were developed further during his time at Art College and Design School, supplemented by a cabinet-making apprenticeship, work as an Eco-Builder and gardening in the USA. On his return to the UK in 2005, he began his Grown Furniture project on land borrowed from friends.
nolte Tobias Nolte (DE) is a co-founder of Certain Measures. Prior to founding his own practice, he was a Director at Gehry Technologies in New York where he lead a team of architects and designers in the implementation of parametric and computational methods in design and construction. He was previously a director at the Europe office of Gehry Technologies in Paris where he has worked with a variety of leading international design firms including Gehry Partners, Zaha Hadid Architects, Snohetta, UNStudio, Coop Himmelb(l)au and several others. Prior to Gehry Technologies he was a research fellow at Harvard Graduate School of Design and worked for Preston Scott Cohen, Inc. He has taught courses on digital design at Ecole Speciale d’Architecture in Paris and Universität für angewandte Kunst in Vienna and has been a design critic at Harvard GSD, MIT, CITA and others. He studied in Berlin and Los Angeles and holds an Engineering Diplom in Architecture from the University of Technologies in Berlin.
papadopoulou Dafni Papadopoulou (GR) is an Architect based in Athens. She has collaborated with different architecture studios in Barcelona and Athens and has been awarded in various architectural competitions. Her fields of interest are focused on the interaction between body techniques, space and urban condition. She has been experimenting on algorithmic design, interaction technologies and electronic textiles.
psarra Afroditi Psarra (GR), PhD is a media artist working in the field of e-textiles, DIY electronics and creative coding. She holds a PhD on Cyberpunk and New Media Art focusing on merge of science fiction ideas with digital practices. She has been an intern at Disney Research Zurich and her work has been presented at numerous exhibitions throughout Europe. She is currently based in Athens, but will soon join the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media at the University of Washington in Seattle, US.
quayola Quayola (IT) is a visual artist based in London. He investigates dialogues and the unpredictable collisions, tensions and equilibriums between the real and artificial, the figurative and abstract, the old and new. His work explores photography, geometry, time-based digital sculptures and immersive audiovisual installations and performances. Quayola’s work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale; Victoria & Albert Museum, London; British Film Institute, London; Park Ave Armory, New York; Bozar, Brussels; Palais de Tokyo, Paris; Cité de la Musique, Paris; Palais des Beaux Arts, Lille; MNAC, Barcelona; National Art Center, Tokyo; UCCA, Beijing; Paco Das Artes, Sao Paulo; Triennale, Milan; Grand Theatre, Bordeaux; Ars Electronica, Linz; Elektra Festival, Montreal and Sonar Festival, Barcelona;
tonski Jacob Tonski (US) holds an MFA from the Design | Media Arts department at UCLA. He studied computer science at Brown University and worked as a Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios. He has spoken at the Haystack Mountain School of Craft and The School for Poetic Computation. Recipient of an Ars Electronica 2014 Award of Distinction, he was awarded a 2013 Sustainable Arts Foundation grant and was a 2010 fellow at the Carnegie Mellon University Studio for Creative Inquiry. He is currently an assistant professor in the Art and Technology Studies Department at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. His creative work has been exhibited in China, in Brazil, and throughout Europe and the United States.
tresset Patrick Tresset (FR/UK) is an artist who develops theatrical installations with robotic agents as actors. Tresset’s installations use computational systems that introduce artistic, expressive and obsessive aspects to robots’ behaviour. These systems are influenced by research into human behaviour, in particular how artists make marks that depict, how humans perceive artworks. Tresset also develops robots and computational systems to produce series of drawings, paintings and animations. Tresset’s work has been exhibited in association with major museums such as The Pompidou Center (Paris), Tate Modern (London), Museum of Israel (Jerusalem), Victoria & Albert Museum (London), MMCA (Seoul), BOZAR (Brussels), Prada Foundation (Milan) and at events such as Ars Electronica, Update_5, WRO2015, BIAN.
uh513 uh513 / María Castellanos (ES), Alberto Valverde (ES) collectively started their work in 2009. María Castellanos has a degree and a doctorate in Fine Arts from the University of Vigo, Spain. In her work, she investigates the body, specifically the perception and sensory deficiencies of human beings. She focuses on the hybridizations between cyborgs and wearables as a paradigm for the expansion of human sensory capabilities. Alberto Valverde, artist and technologist. With a lot of experience in system design, creating interactive environments, multimedia spectacles, web design and robotics. He has also taught courses on multimedia to Fine Arts students at the University of Vigo, Spain. In his work, he investigates chaos as a form of order.
unknownfields Unknown Fields Division (UK/AU) is a nomadic design research studio directed by Kate Davies and Liam Young. They venture out on expeditions to the ends of the earth to bear witness to alternative worlds, alien landscapes, industrial ecologies and precarious wilderness. These distant landscapes?the iconic and the ignored, the excavated, irradiated and the pristine, are embedded in global systems that connect them in surprising and complicated ways to our everyday lives. In such a landscape of interwoven narratives, the studio uses film and animation to chronicle this network of hidden stories and re-imagine the complex and contradictory realities of the present as a site of strange and extraordinary futures
witt Andrew Witt (US) is a co-founder of Certain Measures and an Assistant Professor in Practice in Architecture at Harvard University, where he teaches on geometry and digital design. He was previously Director of Research at Gehry Technologies, where he developed prototypes for new software design tools such as GTeam (now Trimble Connect, acquired by Trimble in 2014), and a director at GT’s Paris, France office, where he solved complex geometric challenges for clients including Gehry Partners, Ateliers Jean Nouvel, UN Studio, and Coop Himmelb(l)au. While in school he worked as a researcher at IBM Research, where he patented new collaboration technologies. Trained as both an architect and mathematician, he has published and lectured widely, including at Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, UCLA, UCLA, ETH, and EPFL. He received an M.Arch (with distinction, AIA medal) and an M.Des (History and Theory, with distinction) from Harvard GSD.
yqp YQP (US/DE) is an artist collective consisting of Maximilian Hoch, Florian Dohmann and Manuel Urbanke from NY & Berlin. With projects like “Datenmarkt”, “Schwarzmarkt” and “Unfinished” the group reflects on topics of our time and blends technology with interactive storytelling. Their interactive art experiments have been featured in the press all over Germany and sparked discussion on digital privacy, the value of labour and artificial intelligence.