Ars Electronica Academy

In cooperation with Science Centre Singapore

Date: May 30th and May 31st 2015 Time: 10:30am to 3pm Venue: Science Centre Singapore

academy The Ars Electronica Academy is a format that provides ground for theoretical explorations (based on an exhibition format as well as on direct contact to media artists) and hands-on activities with the aim of knowledge generation via artistic processes. On the one side the Ars Electronica Academy gives a historical overview of media art and it ́s development in and outside of Europe. Based on a tour through the exhibition, we will develop questions with the participants that are the bases on further elaborations. On the other side the Ars Electronica Academy is about current trends and developments in digital art. In form of hands-on workshops and artists talks we will go into detail of artworks and present artistic research questions that will inspire the participant ́s own view. The topic of the Ars Electronica Academy at Singapore Science Centre is ART AT PLAY. We would like to welcome students and artists in general, that are interested to elaborate together with us on the topic of playful approaches in digital art and how knowledge generation is inspired by playful artistic practices.
Ars Electronica Academy (PDF)

The title INTERPLAY has nothing to do with the same name of the artistic teleconference project from 1979. But we would like to take this opportunity and remember, that a playful approach in art – if it´s for the purpose of exchange and communication by and between internationally scattered artists and their audience or not – was and still is of interest of many artistic debates. Back then, in 1979, it was the first time that the network of IPSharp Associates (IPSA) has been asked for a global computer communications project called INTERPLAY, which was established by Bill Bartlett for Computer Culture Canada Conference in Toronto. Artist from Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Houston, New York, Sydney, Canberra and Vienna participated. The participants in Vienna were Robert Adrian X and Richard Kriesche in the IPSA office Vienna, and Heidi Grundmann with Gottfried Bach (IPSA manager of newly founded IPSA Büro’s Vienna) in the ORF Radio Studio. They communicated with the other artists around the world by a Texas Instruments TI 745, a portable data terminal including a printer. The event was broadcast live in austrian television Kunst Heute on April 1st 1979 in ORF1.